Our network solutions

From one end of the spectrum to the other, we have the connectivity and telecom solutions essential to your business. With endless, out-of-the-box options, our solutions are tailored to meet your needs. Every time.


When it comes to connection, we have what you need. With a range of offerings such as private line, VPLS or MPLS, and over 1,000 carriers worldwide to choose from, we have the bandwidth – and skillset – to deliver highly tailored solutions in even the most complex circumstances.

Proactive monitoring

We ping your customer's circuits every 30 seconds, so we can detect an outage, before your customer ever notices. If a response isn't received within 3 minutes, our CCNA certified engineers contact the customer and get to work on resolving the issue.

Global Connectivity

Location no longer needs be a limitation in your business. We deploy any Datacore solution worldwide with accurate pricing and managed installations.

Service that works

Internet has become one of the most essential commodities. We provide a wide variety of internet solutions ready to power any of your business needs.


While picking up the phone to make a call seems simple, today’s business phone systems can be extremely complex to deploy and manage. That’s why we provide highly tailored solutions intended to bring simplicity and ease back to the process. Whether you’re looking to deploy all-new voice solutions or already have a phone system in place, we have the solution for you.


Voicecore uses a next-generation platform that is mirrored and offers geo-redundancy, so you never have to worry about outages.

Toll-free service

We’re all about keeping it simple for you and your customers. Allowing customers to reach you at no cost is a great value-add to your brand. With our low-cost toll-free service you can increase your reach, customer satisfaction and sales.

Your voice, your way

Avoid wasting valuable time and resources due to security breaches caused by viruses and malware.


We provide simple yet customizable solutions that span across industries, franchises, and locations. With our industry-specific solutions, our customers can breathe knowing their connectivity, support, and bill are all concrete.

Geographically agnostic

Reliable and consistent telecommunications solutions across multiple units and franchises. Both international and domestic.

Financial predictability

Across your franchises, you receive the same rate for every location; and the flexibility to receive one consolidated bill or individual site billing.

Control & consistency

Highly customizable solutions put you in control of your business and your essential services across locations and franchises.


Simplifying the management and operation of your wireless access network (WAN), SD-WAN decouples your networking hardware and uses a centralized control function to direct traffic across your WAN. This allows for optimized application performance that results in a better experience, increased productivity, and lower costs for IT.

Let our software optimize your data connections and cut your costs

Your network is at the core of your business; and when it runs efficiently, so does your business. With an SD-WAN solution from Hypercore, you can seamlessly connect your branch offices and data centers to optimize your network performance. And by replacing more expensive private WAN technologies, you can lower cost by approximately one-third of traditional MPLS alone.


Coming soon!


With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Securitycore – a fully managed solution designed to defend against viruses, malware, and intrusion – provides a layered approach and smart solution that not only minimizes threats but pays for itself many times over.

Protect your data

We go to work on your LAN to add a whole new level of security to your network and business.

Protect your employees

Keep your network safe, on all of your team's devices. Prevent harmful emails from bombarding inboxes and manage access to specific websites that may hinder productivity and efficiency.

Avoid costly intrusions

Avoid wasting valuable time and resources due to security breaches caused by viruses and malware.

Start growing your core today.

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