Hypercore Announces Regionalization Initiative

We are proud to announce rollout of our latest initative intended to elevate the partner and customer experience and overall support.

In the next few weeks, Hypercore Networks will launch our latest initiative to improve and enhance our support of our Master Agent clients, their subagents, end users, and even our carriers. This initiative is an organizational change designed to increase efficiencies, provide localized support, and improve communication via targeted support models.


Hypercore Sales Directors provide pricing and customer service support for specific Master Agent accounts. While this model has served our partners well for over four years, our continuous growth has presented us with an opportunity to be an even better partner.


Under our new Regionalization Initiative, Hypercore Sales Directors will be assigned specific geographic territories and work directly with the agents in these territories to assist them in growing their book of business and generating revenue through closed opportunities. We firmly believe this more targeted approach will improve relationships, increase productivity, and allow for a true “partnering” model.


While this is our initial announcement of our new program, please keep your eyes out for additional information that is scheduled to be released over the next few weeks as we finalize details and territory assignments. Hypercore is very excited about this Regionalization Initiative and hope you feel the same way.  The new model directly correlates with our Mission Statement that states, we exist to put passionate experts at the core of your business to deliver, deploy, and manage tailored connectivity and business solutions.

During this transition period, please feel free to share any suggestions or insight you may have as your feedback will be critical to the success of the Regionalization Initiative. Thank you again for your time and continued support.


Appreciate your support,

Josh Dickinson

Chief Revenue Officer

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