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One thing remains a fact, SASE is hot and here to stay. Customers are demanding this solution to evolve their networks’ security as the workforce has evolved to being largely remote and diverse. At Hypercore Networks, we offer several "flavors" of SASE to ensure your customers needs are met.

SASE, pronounced “sassy”, is the latest in cloud-based security. It is new, it is hot, and we have it! SASE has become the latest buzz word and its meaning depends on who you talk to as well as what the customer needs. SASE stands for Secure Access Service Edge, which basically means it can be used as a stand-alone security option, or an add-on to beef up your already functional cloud-based security systems.

The What and Why

The recent work climate with COVID adds to the confusion or clarity needed todefine the service edge.  With homeworkers now becoming an extension of the business network the edge has grown immensely. However, we know there are fiscal limits to what your customers can purchase for their network, so our job is to thoroughly assess their edge and the level of protection they can put on it.

SASE solutions can be found in two different categories – the supplementary add-on to existing network solutions and those that are embedded into a new security solution. No option is better than the next. Each customer has a unique network with its’ own individual architecture; therfore, their solution is as equally unique. Our CORE team is here to pinpoint where the biggest gaps are and comprehensively close those gaps.


So, what does SASE provide and why would your customers want to spend their resources on it? This solution grows your network’s ability to protect not only your central office but also any remote users that would access your information by pushing your security policy deeper towards the end client workstation. Some solutions will create the edge as the client workstation as where others will take a more appliance-based firewall like approach at the site level. This allows your IT team to proactively monitor cyber-attacks and eliminate any threat remotely.


Here at Hypercore Networks, we have two SASE solutions built into our SD-WAN offerings and two standalone solutions that can act as an add-on to any existing network. This allows us to cater to your customer, regardless of their current security measures.

One thing remains a fact, SASE is here to stay. Customers are demanding this solution to evolve their networks’ security as the workforce has evolved to being largely remote and spread out. As SASE continues to rise in popularity, you can expect vendors to put the Next Gen Firewall Functions and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) into a single offering. Contact your CORE agent today to get a quote for all your customers’ SASE needs!

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